10 Signs You Need to Hire a Real Estate Marketing Agency

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Nov 3, 2015 8:00:00 AM


If your real estate market is anything like the market I cut my teeth in, there is a lot of competition for leads. These days, how you represent yourself is more than just a handshake—marketing yourself in a professional manner and targeting the right clientele is crucial. 

Consider these questions: How are you reaching consumers? What messaging are you using? How do you compare to the office down the street? Are you losing out on clients?

If marketing isn't your thing or you feel you might be missing the mark, here is a list that will help you determine if it is time to consult with a real estate marketing agency.

1. You are still using a logo from 1995

2. Your website is outdated

3. Your idea of marketing is running a newspaper ad

4. You spend money to advertise in the phonebook

5. ROI, SEO, and PPC mean nothing to you

6. Your last blog post was from 2012

7. You don't know how to "Twitter"

8. You don't have time for marketing

9. You want to generate internet leads

10. You want to grow your business

If any of these ring a bell then it might be worth consulting with a marketing agency to explore different ways of reaching new clients. While building relationships is still key, it’s important to have an instant impact on potential buyers. For additional marketing ideas we encourage you to download our Real Estate Marketing Checklist or follow us on Twitter for more helpful digital marketing tips. 

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