10 Must-Have Website Ideas

Posted by Shane Niederklein on Oct 4, 2016 11:32:00 AM


Are you just starting to plan or design a website, yet are unsure what to include? Do you already have an existing site but are looking to add a better foundation to it? Maybe you're like me and really like to nerd out to website ideas and designs.

Whatever the case may be, you're here now and I have a list of 10 must-have website ideas that are sure to shed light on potentially missed factors of a website. Enjoy!

Social Media Integration

Audiences find, maintain, and develop their strong connection with companies through social media which is most often times the only direct means of communication a company has with it's audience. The implementation of this website idea can be a simple fix of a few icons linking to your social media  pages. Furthermore, it can become more intuitive and interactive with a news feed, or the ability to either follow the page or post reviews and comments without opening any social media sites- - think, "extremely handy." Social media integration will help boost engagement by bringing the social media sites one step closer to your audience.

Lead Capture

Lead capturing on your website is the ability to attract your audience to follow and stay current with news, promos and other information. Lead generation doesn't need to come in the form of an annoying, generic pop-up, it can be presented to your audience as a landing page, form, offer or call-to-action. For more information on lead capturing, check out the article on Lead Capture Strategies That Need To Be Part Of Your Website.

Video Integration

The trend is headed in the direction of video. Videos are a stellar way to showcase your products, company culture and creativity. Instead of writing what's important to your company, you can show them. It also gives you the chance to drive traffic through the video platform of your choice. Using videos to create a positive, long-lasting impression will help you stand out from the crowd.


The world is rapidly shifting to on-the-go mobile devices as the means for social media, shopping, and general web browsing. In addition, responsive websites are favored by visitors and SEO rankings alike. A higher ranking can be achieved when the using a single URL for all web and mobile devices. Responsive websites will also contribute to a consistent brand image throughout each device by providing the same content in a professional and visually appealing format.


A new trend among the web world, this effect deals with the scrolling aspect with regards to a photo used on the page. It uses multiple backgrounds which seem to move at different speeds to create a sensation of depth, creating a 3D effect interesting for your users. Take a look at  FireWatch to see the amount of creativity that can go into this parallax concept.

User Generated Content

No matter how polished a website may be, it's still highly recommended to actively and consistently produce user-generated content. The first reason is obvious, bring your clients/customers value through information they actually want to read and learn about. This relevant information will not only help them choose to use your business because of the relationship you've made through the content, but reduce the amount of questions coming in -- thus saving time on your end.

Consistent user-generated content will also increase your website optimization. Google and other search engines recognize and support active and consistent content by both crawling a website more often and ranking it higher in Google searches. For more information, take a peek at this detailed article about How User-Generated Content Powers Better Social SEO Results.

Custom / Interactive Maps

Custom, interactive maps are another area of your website that can be generic or awesome. Giving users a new and interesting experience through a map is especially great for certain industries such as real estate, event planning, or town directories.


No matter the age, animations will attract and keep your audience's attention throughout the page. For example, if there were any errors while inputting certain information into a form, the form could visually shake or glow red for a visually appealing notification to the error. At the same time, animations can be used in excess and become a nuisance or simply too much stimulus for a viewer. Like all good things in life, moderation is key.


When your audience is comprised of potential customers, a streamlined e-commerce experience is of high priority. Having a trustworthy e-commerce platform can make or break that sale coming in, or even turn a one-time buyer into a returning customer. This experience should be fun and rewarding for the customer, which also allows for the opportunity to shine some company personality.

Engaging Team Section

The team section should be included in any website. The hard part is to make this section truly engaging. This doesn't mean to slap a few animations on the page and call it good. I'm talking about embodying your team into the page itself. Is your team full of financial planners? Keep it classy. Is your team full of a bunch of goofballs like Prime? Keep it fun and interesting.

Including these 10 must-have website ideas into your site can elicit a huge positive response from your audience. This could come in the form of first-time visits, returning visits, subscribing to your content, or extended periods of time on your website.

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