5 Things to Consider When Revamping Your Credit Union Website

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Mar 15, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Technology is constantly changing; this is common knowledge by now. But what does this vague idiom mean for your credit union website? It's no longer enough to set it and forget it, so to speak. Your customers require constant attention, and the way to give them that is through an updated website. It's best to stay on top of technology, and while this doesn't necessarily mean changing the look of your site every week, it does mean you that you need to stay on top of it. Ask yourself, when was the last time we had an update to our credit union website? 

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15 Credit Union Marketing Buzz Words You Need to Know

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Mar 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Marketing, specifically digital marketing is an ever evolving realm with new strategies and ideas the are continually tested and refined. 5 years ago Instagram wasn't on anyone's radar as a marketing too, hell it didn't even exist. As quickly has marketing has changed in the last 5 to 10 years it has become increasingly hard to keep up on trends and even marketing lingo. Do you know what a SERP is? How about "evergreen content" or "KPI"? These words might not mean anything to you, but if you are managing marketing campaigns for your credit union, they should. We've put together a list of 15 credit union marketing buzz words that you need to know. 

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Why Every Member Should Be Your Credit Union Brand Ambassador

Posted by Alexa Audet on Mar 1, 2017 9:01:00 AM

Credit unions are owned and operated by their members and solely exist to serve those members. While it is easy to promote a credit union's awesomeness if you are being paid to do so, how can you get the members on the other side of the counter to advocate for your brand? Below you will find out why every member SHOULD be your credit union Brand Ambassador and how to make that happen.

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How Your Internal Culture Drives Credit Union Growth

Posted by Lena Haines on Feb 22, 2017 9:11:00 AM

Each brand has a culture that drives its identity. We associate different feeling with the brands we interact with and that can be a marketable tool. Do you think your credit union has a unique culture that your members keep coming back for? Can you think of your competitors culture and how it differs? This post will help you understand how your internal culture can be a very valuable quality for your credit union growth.

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7 Steps to Gain Buy In With Your Credit Union Marketing Strategy

Posted by Alexa Audet on Feb 16, 2017 10:02:00 AM

So, your credit union is due to change up their marketing strategy and thrive in the digital age. Improving the visibility of your institution is everyone's top priority BUT causing any sort of ripple in the way things have always been done may cause some resistance. Converting to a digital-heavy content marketing strategy in 2017 seems like a no-brainer, right? New business is going to come from younger generations and without creating, publishing and distributing helpful content across digital platforms, you are missing these crucial conversion opportunities. As a credit union, we know you are faced with extremely traditional viewpoints from all levels of your organization. Avoid the frustrations of getting everyone on board by following these 7 steps to gain buy-in with your credit union marketing strategy.

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11 Ways to Make Your Credit Union Members Feel Valued

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Feb 8, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Members are the lifeline of your credit union. So, showing your members they are valued is a crucial piece of your marketing. Keeping your members happy is a great way to develop advocates within your community that will help spread the word about your CU, helping grow your membership through word of mouth. You may not view this as marketing, but it is. How you treat your members or the messaging your send out to them is important in maintaining the culture that you have worked so hard to establish. So, how do you make your credit union members feel important? Here are 11 ways that you can make an impact in your members' experience at your credit union. 

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How Election Day 2016 is Going to Be Different Thanks To Social Media

Posted by Lena Haines on Nov 8, 2016 10:00:30 AM

There is no doubt this is one of the most controversial and talked about elections in America's history. Thanks to social media, the candidates, voters, and media outlets have been able to take the antics to a whole different level. Almost instantly the statements of a candidate can be shared, fact checked, and rebutted by their opponent. It's a great way to involve voters in the issues and engage a younger audience, but this social media influence makes the election different than any before. After today,  I don't think the controversy will die down. How does social media make this Election Day 2016 different than those before?


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What You Need to Know To Create Great Website Content

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Oct 27, 2016 11:08:00 AM

One of the most overlooked parts of creating a new website is the content. It seems like nobody likes to write, but they sure do like to provide cool images and ideas about the design. Yes, the design can grab people's attention and the images make the site look professional, but the content is what keeps people on your site and what makes them choose you over a competitor. I could definitely argue that content is the most important part of a website. So how do you make the content more engaging and something that people want to read? Here are a few tips and things to think about before you start writing your next website masterpiece. 

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What A Creative Agency Spotify Playlist Should Look Like

Posted by Alexa Audet on Oct 21, 2016 11:18:00 AM

Want to know what all the cool kids at Prime Incorporated are listening to? A designer's playlist is nothing to scoff at. After all, our line of work is fueled by inspiration and creativity, making our playlists the creme-de-la-creme of all playlists. There are plenty of streaming outlets out there--Pandora, iTunes, Google Play or YouTube. Once you find your favorite, I strongly suggest plugging these 10 awesome tunes in your playlist to get you through the workweek. This, my friends, is what your office Spotify playlist SHOULD look like.

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Website Functionality You Can't Live Without

Posted by Gregg Alexander on Oct 18, 2016 2:06:11 PM

As website technologies rapidly evolve, it's easy to get left in the dust. Updating your website every four years is a good rule of thumb, unless your site is built on a system that is scalable and can evolve with the technological updates. If you are starting to think about revamping your current site, there is a lot to think about. It's easy to get giddy about some of the cool bells and whistles that are out there, but they can easily drive your cost up. To help you prioritize certain features, we have put together a list of  the website functionality your site needs to have. 

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